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Lush Photos

This section includes over 970 photos, half from live shows, totaling over 250 Meg. The Memorabilia section has at least  170 more photos.
Press Kit Photos
Promotional Photos
Various Other Photos
Print Article Photos
Lush with Friends
Lush with Fans
Lush in Public
Cover Art
Guitars & Effects Systems
Heathrow Photo Booth
Collage Set
After Lush
From the Band
Lush at Work - Phil King's snapshots
Lush on Tour - Pete Bartlett's video
Lush with Two Bassists
Lush Live
1996.09.18 - Shinjuku Liquid Room, Tokyo (53)
The final Lush performance
1996.09.17 - Shinjuku Liquid Room - Tokyo (23)
1996.07.17 - Virgin Megastore - London (58)
1996.04.03 - Electric Ballroom - Camden (50)
1994.12.19 - Dublin Castle - London (71)
1994.09.15 - Hamburg, Germany (33)
1994.06.13 - The Point - Atlanta (22)
1992.05.12 - Luxor - Cologne, Germany (23)
1991.03.21 - Performing Arts Center - Purchase, NY (94)
1989-1996  Various Shows (106)
Various Undated Photos (65)
These photos come from all over the web, so the image quality and resolution ranges from almost useless to super high quality. I merged the photos from many sources and attempted to identify/categorize everything, but there are certain to be some photos that are incorrectly labeled/named, in the wrong category, and/or duplicated. I have not attempted to clean up all the file names, which could be anything from meaningless numbers to detailed descriptions.
The photobook "Lush - The North London Poly Years"
also contains lots of fantastic photos.

Technical Notes:
  • Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8 automatically shrink large images to fit the page. Click here for help using or disabling the image shrink feature.
  • Internet Explorer 7 & 8 also have a handy "page zoom" feature which makes it easy to enlarge small images to fill the page. IE 6 and Firefox do not have this feature.

I've lost track of where most these photos came from, however the following people deserve special mention:
  • Phil King, who sent me many of his personal behind-the-scenes snapshots.

  • Jason D in Virginia, who allowed me to include high-resolution scans of his many high-quality original Lush photos which he collected over the years.

  • Jen G in England, who's Purple Veins Scenic Greens Lush group on Yahoo includes many Lush photos. More than 100 of the photos here come from her Yahoo group.

  • The Credits page includes many more people who have contributed to this site.


 This website is dedicated to the memory of Chris Acland

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