Lush Photos

1996-Sep-18  Shinjuku Liquid Room, Tokyo
Their last performance until the 2016 reunion
1996-Sep-17  Shinjuku Liquid Room - Tokyo
1996-Jul-17  Virgin Megastore - London
1996-Apr-03  Electric Ballroom - Camden
1994-Dec-19  Dublin Castle - London
1994-Sep-15  Hamburg, Germany
1994-Jun-13  The Point - Atlanta
1992-May-12  Luxor - Cologne, Germany
1991-Mar-21  SUNY - Purchase, NY
1989-1996  Various Shows
Undated Photos
Lush at Work - Phil King's snapshots
Lush on Tour - Pete Bartlett's video
Guitars & Effects Systems



I've lost track of where most these photos came from, however the following people deserve special mention:

  • Phil King, who sent me many of his personal behind-the-scenes snapshots.

  • Jason D in Virginia, who allowed me to include high-resolution scans of his many high-quality original Lush photos which he collected over the years.

  • Jen G in England, who's Purple Veins Scenic Greens Lush group on Yahoo includes many Lush photos. More than 100 of the photos here come from her Yahoo group.

  • The Credits page includes many more people who have contributed to this site.

These photos come from all over the web, so the image quality ranges from almost useless to super high quality. I merged photos from many sources and attempted to identify/categorize everything, but there are certain to be some photos that are incorrectly labeled/named, in the wrong category, and/or duplicated. I have not attempted to clean up all the file names, which could be anything from meaningless numbers to detailed descriptions.


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