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All of these great behind-the-scenes photos were generously provided by Phil King himself.
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500 Video Shoot (US version)


Split Photo Shoot

I seem to remember we did the photo session - and [Desire Lines] video - at the disused swimming pool the one day in Hornsey, and this session near Woolwich - you could see the Thames Barrier - the next. I did my back in on the trampoline - never been the same since - and was bent double that day. Not sure of the exact date....and yes, I filmed it.

- Phil King


Mixing Split
At Mike Hedges' Studio in Domfront, France

As you can see Domfront was a pretty gloomy place. Ian Grimble mixed the album. The photos of Chris at the mixing desk were taken in the basement where Mike Hedges would go to 'tweak' the songs. The photos of Chris taken outside were by the swimming pool which was covered in the winter by a silver tent.

I could never understand why Mike would have the songs mixed on his analogue Abbey Road valve desk and then tweak them in the basement on his PC. Surely it defeats the purpose.

- Phil King

Mike Hedges' gloomy studio... the middle of nowhere, France
Ian Grimble and the mixing desk from Abbey Road
Chris playing pinball
Chris at the mixing desk in the basement
Chris in his bedroom
Chris out by the pool

These photos also appear on the Miki's Words page.


Elvis Costello Photo Shoot

To promote the Elvis Costello EP "Distorted Angel". More details in Melody Maker and Billboard.









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