This website includes scanned articles/ads from the following  sources. I owe a debt of gratitude to these people, all of them true Lush fans:
  • Jen G, who's Lush group at Yahoo Groups. (PurpleVeinsScenicGreens, highly recommended for all Lush fans!) includes a very large article collection. (approx. 45% of this site)
  • Jason D, who generously allowed me to scan his entire very large Lush article collection, which he assembled over the years. (approx. 40% of this site)
  • Jen D, who runs the Stratosphere Fanzine on Yahoo Groups, also highly recommended for all Lush fans.
  • Chris S, who actually donated his entire collection to this website.
  • The online-only articles come from various websites, and are credited individually.


 Dedicated to the memory of Chris Acland  

 (c) 2018