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Lush Press Archive
    Articles & Interviews 1992-1993

1992  Dirt Fanzine #30

The cover collages were created by the band!

From Miki: "Yes, it was an in-house fanzine put out by Warners. We had to bang something together while we were touring, I think!"

Much thanks to Garry (GSD)

Front Cover
Back Cover

1992  Unknown Publication
An excellent early 1992 article.   

1992  Unknown Publication  Spooky Release

On the release of Spooky. New Bass player.

1992-Jan  Select  Peace Talks Collapse: Fall, Lush and Farm in 1991 Debate Deadlock

Miki on Twitter, Jan 26, 2018:

"Select magazine feature. The premise: 3 gobshites, free booze, let the fireworks commence. The event: Mark E and Peter Hooton trading increasingly heated insults to the exclusion of all other conversation. The end: blind drunk at the Sherlock Holmes hotel."


1992-Jan-18  NME  Material World

Q & A


1992-Jan-25  Melody Maker  Control Zone


1992-Jan-25  NME  Spookspeople For A Generation


1992-Feb-15  Melody Maker  At The Zoo With Lush

A very strange article, they must have been joking around.


1992-Feb-15  Melody Maker  Lashing the Backlash


1992-Mar  Alternative Press  Lush and My Bloody Valentine
Cover story


1992-Mar  Select  Drinks 151.28


1992-Apr  Details  The Lush Life

1992-Apr-11  LA Times  The Unlikely, Dreamy Success of London's Lush

1992-Jun  chairs missing fanzine  Chris Interview

Rare Chris-only interview, conducted March 23rd at a coffee shop in New Haven, CT

Thanks to Garry (GSD)

1992-Jun  B-Side  Lush Backlashed

1992-Jul-25  NME  Lollapalooza News


1992-Aug-29  Billboard  Lush Life. The Origins of a Sound
Excellent, serious in-depth article.


1992-Dec  Guitar Magazine  Lollapalooza feature


1993-Feb-13  Melody Maker  MM Band Profile

Fascinating Q&A. Includes the name of Emma's friend who suggested the name Lush.



1993-Jul-24  Melody Maker  The 13-Year Itch - 4AD 13th Birthday


1993-Aug-07  Melody maker  4AD 13th Birthday Party


1993-Nov  We Love Lush Fan Club Mailing

A surprise mailing sent by the band (Lush Information Service) while they were recording Split. This stapled booklet includes a letter to fans full of great info AND an amazing "Lush family tree" of the band's lineage (done by Phil King) AND hand-written lyrics for all their songs to date (with some errors).

The mailing also contained a flexi-disk with "Rupert the Bear" and a demo version of "Lit Up" AND a holiday postcard.

All this was sent to fans for free.

Electronic version of the
above hand-written letter

1993-Dec-04  NME  Lush in the Recording Studio


1993-Dec  Select  How Clever is Your Favorite Pop Star














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